Special Types of Elastic

Now that we covered the first three main types
of elastic, here are some of the specialty elastics.

Fold-over Elastic (Commonly known as FOE)

Fold-Over Elastic is a flat elastic with a seam running down the middle to help it fold over.

This is an elastic binding tape which is used to bind edges of stretch fabrics and it is very stretchy. Fold over elastic (FOE) is plushy on one side and smooth (or possibly printed!) on the other, so you can decide which side will be visible. It is a good choice for underwear or athletic apparel.

When to use it: 

,It’s ideal for finishing edges on stretch fabrics or garments where you want a smooth, close fit that still retains the stretch. It is used a lot in headbands, underwear and even cloth diapers. It can be sewn through but does narrow a little when stretched.


Buttonhole Elastic

This elastic is perfect for those who want to make garments with adjustable waistbands. It is a soft elastic tape with several buttonholes placed uniformly along the middle – this is used to make the garment adjustable. A button on the inside of the waistband is then buttoned onto any of the buttonholes available.

When to use it:

This elastic is great for children clothing, maternity wear and adults with fluctuating weight. The most common use for buttonhole elastic is the in the back of waistbands.

Baby Elastic

It is soft and lightweight, when is stretched this elastic narrows. Baby elastic is specially made so that it will stretch easily and get back to its shape. This elastic can be sewn inside of fabric or it can come in direct contact with the skin.

When to use it:  

Because of the size and because is extra soft, the elastic is ideal for making doll clothing and baby clothing.


Elastic Cord


This elastic is designed to be comfortable against the skin.

When to use it:

It can be used as a drawcord inside casings, for waistbands, bags etc. and in clothing that doesn’t require much stretch. The size makes it most suitable for dolls clothing or babywear.

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