Elastic Cord

1mm to 8mm elastic cords, flexıble and durable

Round Elastics known as Elastic Cords, are manufactured with Braiding machines that has a circular shape. Because of this reason, it is generally easy to use in applications, such as shrinking and grasping and squeezing. Additionally, with Round elastic, it is possible to pass through with a narrower scope.

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1.5mm Elastic Cord
2mm Elastic Cord
3mm Elastic Cord
4mm Elastic Cord
4mm Elastic Cord
5mm Elastic Cord
6mm Elastic Cord
7mm Elastic Cord
8mm Elastic Cord
9mm Elastic Cord
10mm Elastic Cord
We can produce elastic cord from 6mm to 160mm.
MOQ is 500mt for our standard color. MOQ is 3000mt for special colors.
For high amount quantity orders we can produce using pantone colors.
We can produce with your logo and your own brand name.
You can access our quality certificates from the link. www.tekislastik.com/certification/
Standard box size is 53*36*21. Standard pallet size is 80*120*120.


Our Elastic Cord manufacturing is flexible as our products according the customer needs. We can produce elastic cords up to 12mm for marina uses, luggage cords etc.    
Application/Usage Areas
  • Haberdasheries; Elastic cords are widely sold in haberdasheries to use in Sewing, DIY projects and Handicrafts.
  • Bungee Cords; We are producing durable elastic cords (round elastics) to use in Bungee cord production.
  • Shoe Industry; Elastic cords are chosen to provide flexibility on shoes as shoelaces.
  • Sport; Elastic cords are used in Gym Saloons, and sporting activity to provide durable flexibility.
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Round Elastic with Standard Colors

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