Lurex Tape

Lurex Tape

Silvery Tapes know as Lurex Tapes or Glitter Tapes, is the stripes that will give the same effect to your textile, shoes and other products with the dazzling shine created by the weaving of glitter yarns that are produced in hundreds of colors.

These stripes, which can only be produced with glitter yarn, can also be produced by weaving different materials such as lurex and polyester at the same time.
In our ribbons using OEKO-TEX certified glitter threads, we primarily produce on customer designs.
Silvery Tapes can be produced with a minimum order quantity of at least 1500 meters.

It is produced from a mixture of polyester yarn and metallic yarn. It can be produced from 7 mm to 160 mm width. Also, it can be produce according to the customer’s request, regarding color, width or strength.


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