Shoe Laces

Producıng shoelaces from elastıcs or braıded cords

By diversifying shoe laces with braided and weaving production type, Tekis Lastik can produce laces with elastic type or cord type in various colors with silvery, reflective or printed forms. Our shoe laces, which we produce with waxed and waxless, using the threads cotton or polyester, stand out from many manufacturers with their designs renewed every season.

Production Informations


Packing Guide

From 8 mm to 160 mm woven elastic products can be produced.

It’s possible to produce woven elastic with different types of material composition, such as polyester, nylon, elastan, spandex etc., according to our costumers needs.

Our woven elastics flexiblity starts from 80% to 250%, depending of the type of it.

MOQ is changeable according to product.
For high amount quantity orders we can produce using pantone colors.
We can produce with your logo and your own brand name.
You can access our quality certificates from the link.
Standard box size is 53*36*21. Standard pallet size is 80*120*120.

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